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About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading ship breaking company based at Bhavnagar Alang (Gujarat – India)

In today’s information technology world, distances become closer and world markets are more demanding. In this ever changing world, organizations must strive to refine their products & services. Gone are the days, when a good product simply meant a technically good product. One of the fields where Indian Industry is lacking is implementation of modern systems of management. The organisation was formed with a motive to help businesses in planning and implementing an effective management system.

Safe & Clean Environment For Society


The company was incorporated in the name of P. Patel Ship breaking company in the year 1992 and was promoted by Mr. Nanubhai P Patel. P. Patel ship breaking company is one of the leading ships recycling unit in Alang ship recycling yard. P. Patel ship breaking company has demolished around 27 different type of ships; LDT of these ships is around 163527.462 LT. P. Patel ship breaking company has well trained permanent administrative staff that comprises of highly efficient personnel with rich experience.

The Organisation is equipped with a well maintained as well as fully equipped plot with required infrastructure which is worker friendly and do not pose health risk to the workers.Efforts have been made to establish a facility that can reduce, minimize and eventually eliminate the adverse effects caused by ship recycling. The labor force has been trained to work efficiently and make optimum utilization of available resources, thereby reducing wastage and promoting efficiency.

In order to facility, the Management has decided to implement a “Green Ship Recycling Management system”. The Basic objective is to make the information available and to maintain the consistency in recycling which in turn leads to a safe and clean environment for the society and provide for safe and harmonious working conditions. The Management at P. Patel Ship breaking company is fully committed to implement system guidelines and provide all resources including trained manpower, necessary to ensure effective implementation of the same.


We focus on creating an environment that provide optimum services to the clients, Healthy and safe environment to the employee and an efficient resource management system to make optimum utilization of the resources made available by the society and the ISO certification proves our commitments to the clients, its employees and the society.

Ship Recycling Management System Certification

Environmental Management System

Occupational health and Safety management system- Requirements

Recycling: That’s The Thing We Do !

All vessels have 3 cycles of life – build, trading and recycling. We, at P. Patel Ship breaking company focus on the recycling aspect of the vessel’s life. However this must not been seen in any negative way as the recycling process ensures all of the vessels steel and other resources are used in a productive manner within the industry. The recycling of vessels provides a huge resource of steel and other metals and machinery which is used in the production of other goods & services. There was a popular notion that ship recycling was best conducted in a mechanized way and therefore could be undertaken only in industrialized countries like USA and western Europe. However, it is now recognized that it is actually a labour intensive work and is best conducted in southern asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and china, where there is an abundance of cheap labour. This has resulted in substantial benefits for the economies and welfare of these countries.

Ship Recycling Process

  • Offer and Acceptance
  • Cutting and Dismantling (Phase I and Phase II)
  • Aspect Impact Analysis
  • Cutting on Concrete
  • Hazard Analysis
  • PPE used in various processes
  • Hazardous Waste Management

P. Patel Ship Breaking Company

We are a leading ship breaking company based at Bhavnagar – Alang, Gujarat(IN)

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